World Class Support
Baskin-Robbins provides a comprehensive operating system designed to help build business along with a world-class training program that covers branding, business management and more.

Why Baskin-Robbins?

Powerful Brand Marketing
Our brand complements national marketing with local campaigns and integrates traditional marketing with new media for maximum impact. We also offer our Franchisees a comprehensive suite of promotional materials to use for their own local shop marketing efforts.
In-Demand Products
Our world-class culinary team expertly develops products to help keep guests coming back for more. Baskin-Robbins offers something for everyone: creative cones, unique cakes, specialty desserts, frozen beverages and take-home treats.

Baskin-Robbins Franchise Opportunities Available! 

Franchise With a Brand People Know and Love 


Special Financial Incentives Available


50% off 20-year Initial Franchise  Fee ($12,500 value) plus 10-year Payment Plan

Reduced Royalty Rates for 5-years, as described below:

Year 1: 0%

Year 2: 1.9%

Year 3: 2.9%

Year 4: 3.9%

Year 5: 4.9%

Standard Royalty Rate of 5.9% in year 6 and beyond 


Waiver of 20-year Initial Franchise Fee on first shop - a $25,000 value Reduced Royalty Rates for five years, as described below.

Year 1: 0%

Year 2: 0%

Year 3: 1.9%

Year 4: 2.9%

Year 5: 2.9%

Standard Royalty Rate of 5.9% in year 6 and beyond

Orange County, Santa Monica & Costa Mesa

*Refer to the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for more information

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